no no no

so gucci has put together this white tattoo heart collection (25% profits goes to unicef, which is awesome) ... but im sorry but i just dont see the appeal AT ALL.  i think its a little too ed hardy looking for my taste ... what do you think??

source: the fashion spot

the new it bag

proenza schouler ps1 bag



shoes and socks rocks. calm down on the pants.


sarah rutson knows how

winter coat strike starts today. layered blazers, here i come.

whitney eve

i was surprisingly pleased by whitney ports spring 09 line.  Maybe i just had my expectations low after LC's ? its not that i don't think whitney dresses well, i just don't think that everyone that dresses well can necessarily be a designer.  now i wasn't blown away or anything, but here are a couple pieces i would definitely want in my closet come spring (im not sure about the strap on those leggings/sweatpant things, but i love the tie dye)


you make me wanna ...

buy a russian fur hat ....and that belt is amazing.

november love

the only thing i could question is the accessory on her arm..


stylish sweats

i really do enjoy how the drop crotch harem-esque pants are giving sweats such an edge, i mean i have never been down with heels and sweats ...until now.

sources: look book and childhood flames

bow down

who can't appreciate a man with a bow on top

top it off

chase cohl and her headdresses

lace me up

im really loving knee high lace up boots ... especially the ones to the left with the buckle.  hmm i could use a new pair of leather boots ...

sources: lookbook and bleach black 


source: thecut
some McQueen color to brighten up your day


thank you steve

steve madden

i can always appreciate a good knock off.  the givenchy gladiator booties go for $995, think i could deal with the identical steve madden ones for $80!!!

not over it yet

that dress! definitely still feeling the tie dye

ripped nets

don't know if i'm in or out

della russo

source: the sartorialist
perfection at every angle


tartan me

enough to satisfy my plaid craving? almost..

lady in red

rad hourani.


the little lace dress

or i'll take either one of these


Untitled by corinne1986

like a rolling stone

theodora and alexandra richards 

i love theodora's wrap dress/jumper thing - cant really figure out what it is but i enjoy