mesh sandals

these stella mcCartney sandals are my new obsession.

sources: park avenue peerage and net-a-porter


break out the jean suit

i love this picture. elin kling is quite possibly one of the hottest, most stylish gals around.


shredded done right

well duh, its kate lanphear!


oh the trench, cant forget about the trench. well these designers haven't forgotten either. their collections (shown at london fashion week, which just started !!) showcase the trench as a definite must-have come fall, and i agree.

armand basi one

vivienne westwood
richard nicoll
topshop unique



not good

attack of the white glimmer dress! just shows that looking glamorous does not come from long and shimmery alone. i hated all three of these.
thank goodness for tomei, cruz in vintage bamain, taraji henson, klum, and even biel surprised me with a dress i LOVE. apparently getting some slack for it but i say its gorge.


brill and the bag

jen brill and her proenza schouler ps1 bag

source: the fashion spot 
predictions for tonight:

best picture: slumdog
actor: mickey rourke
supporting actor: heath!
actress: kate winslet
supporting actress: above
director: frost/nixon
red carpet: can't wait to find out


the big guns

emanuel ungaro
giambattista valli

something about chanel, it will always take the cake (at least my cake)


NYFW favorites


Herve Leger


Ohne Titel

Diane Von Furstenberg
Yigal Azrouel

disappointments? i hate to say it, but a.wang didn't really impress me. the ruffian collection is probably my favorite, i love the look of the full body tights. Rumi did something similar to this by just cutting a pair of tights in the middle, genius! i think i'll have to give it a try.
ps. elise overland was another favorite but since her praise has already been given by my fabulous partner in crime, i thought i'd leave off it this list.

source: style.com


grey days

schoolschoolschool. ugh.

who cares if hes into you

when you dress like this!
the movie was okay, these looks are amazing. way to go celebrity stylists! i can't decide which jennifer has my favorite look... votes?

ms rocker chic

as fashion week '09 kicks off, one to watch for is Elise Overland. her pieces are impeccable and very relevant to the scene right now